Natural Language Generation
for Commercial Deployment

Commercially deployable NLG is straightforward to implement. The recipe includes four essential ingredients. The resulting world-class output constitutes an enduring business asset.

Working with Qwerticulation


Throughout our production process, you’ll understand every step along the way to commercially deployable NLG.


By fusing human expertise with unlimited computational power, you’ll eliminate the need for document prioritization and triage.


Your new NLG output, though rendered instantly, reads as if written carefully by a team of your best analysts.

About Qwerticulation

Qwerticulation embraces natural language generation as a productivity multiplier for human writers.

NLG is neither a technological puzzle that can be solved without human writing talent, nor mere technological wizardry that traditional writers can afford to ignore.

The name “Qwerticulation”—a portmanteau of the words “qwerty” (as in the keyboard) and “articulation”—reflects the promise of marrying human expertise with unlimited computational power.  Every NLG project is a tribute to technological advances made by computational linguists, but written output is the final and, indeed, the only expression of the entire endeavor.