NLG as Content Amplifier

NLG as Content Amplifier and Sales Funnel

Now that we’ve demystified NLG, and established the four ingredients of a successful NLG system, let’s take a look at a few benefits of embracing the technology.

Your content whisper becomes an output bullhorn

Say goodbye to linear, single-thread production flows that almost certainly require prioritization and (alas) triage. NLG is a productivity multiplier, raising your firm’s analytical and explanatory power to levels that are economically impossible to achieve by headcount alone. Pairing in-house subject matter expertise with NLG writing talent and technology allows for effectively unlimited output.

Previously unexamined data sets become goldmines of new content

With NLG, you can accelerate and broaden the written output that your firm is already producing. But is your firm’s current publication output making the most of your structured data? If you had 10,000 writers, what additional analytical content would be possible? Because with NLG you effectively have as many writers as you want. New client-facing documentation and analysis can be produced on a scale previously considered impossible, because it was.

New content sets widen the top of your conversion funnel

Better, more timely, and additional products are helpful in serving your existing client base, and generating inbound calls from prospects who have long been aware of your firm. Even more exciting is the possibility that your new bullhorn and content will activate whole new prospect pools beyond your firm’s traditional fishing spots.

About the author:

Greg Williams is the co-founder of Nila June Instant Property Descriptions, a natural language platform that produces property listing descriptions based on real estate agents’ responses to a simple survey.  As head of product for Reis, Greg produced the CRE industry’s most widely deployed NLG system for the evaluation of commercial real estate markets, submarkets, and properties throughout the nation.

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