Nila June on how to write a property description

One of the pleasant side-effects of working in NLG with subject matter experts is that some of that expertise begins to migrate to the NLG authors. This is what is happening at Nila June, where daily discussions with top real estate agents have facilitated the sharing of opinions from Nila June on how to write a property description. 

One of the more interesting concepts in the piece is a reconsideration of the notion of “being accurate” with property descriptions–particularly when it comes to the use of adjectives. One person’s “large” or “sweeping” is not another person’s “large” or “sweeping,” and very often this has to do with the home buying budget rather than with objective facts. 

There are other interesting sections in Nila June’s how to write a property description. Worth your time from an NLG perspective, even if you aren’t into residential real esate. If you do happen to be a residential real estate agent, you should head over to Nila June now.