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Nila June AI Property Descriptions

AI property descriptions: Nila June for listing agents and MLS MIAMI Association of REALTORS has selected Nila June as its preferred provider of AI property …

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cook up a great Nila June property description

How to get the most out of Nila June property descriptions

Nila June property descriptions are everywhere If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve probably heard of Nila June. If you haven’t already tried the fully …

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Nila June on how to write a property description

One of the pleasant side-effects of working in NLG with subject matter experts is that some of that expertise begins to migrate to the NLG …

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Nila June

Best property description generator: Nila June

Looking for a property description generator? A great one can save you time and help you win more listings. As a real estate agent, you …

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NLG Demystified

The road to commercially deployable Natural Language Generation is straighter than might first appear.

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Nila June: Instant Property Descriptions for Listing Agents

Yes, the speed and price are unbeatable, but Nila June’s Greg Williams aims to win on quality Q&A with Greg Williams, co-founder of Nila June …

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Highly accurate automated property listing descriptions

Inspired by Professor Ehud Reiter’s latest blog post, this is a piece on the importance of pragmatic and semantic accuracy in automated property listing descriptions.

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Property-Investment.jpg Instant Property Descriptions … NLG in action

Nila June is a great example of taking NLG output directly to the consumer.

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cook up a great Nila June property description

NLG Recipe: Four Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the four ingredients of successful NLG: structured data, subject matter expertise, NLG writing talent, and the technology to pull it all together.

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NLG as Content Amplifier

NLG as Content Amplifier and Sales Funnel

The result of a successful NLG project is a business asset that lasts for years. Here we discuss a few benefits of embracing the technology.

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