Greg Williams
NLG consultant, author, and developer

I’m an NLG consultant and hands on creator of natural language generation systems. If you’re interested in bringing the advantages of commercially deployable NLG to your business, you should know that it’s simpler than might first appear.  We should talk. Couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Because I am a writer, we can build our system at minimal burden to your in-house analytical or writing resources. 
  • I am also an expert in using AX Semantics to build NLG systems, so your technology resources are also off the hook.

The recipe for building an NLG system for your business is simple. There are only four primary ingredients:

  • Structured data (you’ve got this in house)
  • Subject matter expertise (you again, and you’ll pass some of this along to me as we go)
  • NLG writing talent (me)
  • And the technology to pull it all together (I will author our system using AX Semantics). 

As an NLG practitioner, I am the co-founder of Nila June Instant Property Descriptions. Nila June descriptions appear on all major listings platforms (Zillow and the like). Here is the tech review from Inman News: Automated listing descriptions get better with Nila June.

As the longtime head of product development for Reis, prior to its acquisition by Moody’s Analytics, I produced what was then the commercial real estate industry’s most widely deployed NLG system for the analysis of markets, submarkets, and properties.

Today I help bring commercially deployable NLG to a range of professions and industries.

Qwerticulation is a Gold Managed Services Provider for AX-Semantics GmbH.

“Qwerticulation” is a portmanteau of “QWERTY” and “articulation.”

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